Meet The Photographer


Let Me Be Candid Photography is all about capturing the moments you don't want to forget. Let me be the one to document your family's growth, the special occasions, the just because times and everything in between. I am looking forward to meeting with you to determine how I can help you and your family create more memories!


I am a busy mom of three --two boys and one girl. We shuffle around between three different schools, flag football, baseball and dance class among other activities. I am married to the BEST chef in Naples who happens to be the Executive Chef Partner at The Capital Grille (go there for a fantastic meal--you won't be disappointed!) We have been married for 17 years and counting! 

Before I began my photography career, I was a full-time Elementary School Teacher in Rhode Island and in Florida. I have patience in spades to work with your little ones to get them to take great photos!


I have always had a camera in my hand. It became more than just a hobby and a passion when more and more people began asking me to capture important moments in their lives for them. I absolutely love what I do! I promise to take photos of you and your family as if I was capturing my OWN family. You should always choose a photographer who will help bring your vision to life and who you really "Click" with -- pun intended! I hope that photographer will be me!